A Child Repurposed

You were always a stranger to yourself.
Never could tell who was staring back.
And you suffered from the emotional lack.
She always said, You’ll never amount to anything.
But you knew she was never your mother for real.

Abandoned, forgotten, and repurposed.
How did it make you feel?
A child of one,
becomes the slave of another by law.
Can’t call this your Fall. Never had a chance to get up on your own.

Are you a boy or are you a girl?
Matters not.
Its all on a sliding scale.
All the folks are staring.
Proving in them, there’s no caring.
They call you Weird. A creep.
Their love is not even skin deep.

Never was given the space to shine.
They had taken your light from you.
How do you Become,
If you don’t know who you are?
Or from where?

Are you still the child I once knew?
Abandoned, forgotten, and repurposed.
How did it make you feel?
That’s your problem, they were never satisfied with you, their pretend child
The road in life is never mild.
Sometimes in life nothing seems real.

You were once taken and repackaged, regifted, repurposed as someone else’s child. Someone else’s little doll. Stuffed with emotions no child should ever have.
Out of place, you’re out of time. 62 years has escaped you and you still can’t say, I am Mine.


Copyright (c) 2020 Headwords America


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