A New Humanity.

Seen the world,
Through the eyes of an abuser.
There was nothing there to amuse her.
It was a fright.
Mad Men lurking.
Bad Men jerking.
Lay in wait to take down
Those who refuse to see their crown.
Those who refuse to follow their rules.
There are so many schools.
But none to teach how to deal.
With this life in this world.

They not only will take young and old.
Your soul they're sure to steal.
And everyone is cold.
No one knows how to feel.
Lovers are in search of what they lack.
Parents want their money back.

It was a fright.
Everyday and every night.
Mad Men are lurking.
Bad Men are hurling.
Make one wrong move, then it's over.
They'll promote the ones they can move over.
Or they'll direct you without telling you.
Give up that promotion, give it to a minority
Without any senority.
It's the right thing to do.
That's how I've gotten screwed.
Everybody who's somebody is rude.

Everybody who's somebody is rude.
If you don't agree with 'em you're screwed.
Just when you think you're on top.
They'll give you a boulder, making you fall, no stops as you grow older.
Then you foolishly try to climb again.
Never admitting it's the end.
Forever giving those Men
Something to do with the power
We have given to them at every hour.

For those of us far from the top.
On every corner there's a cop.
For every penny with find.
It's a dime taken from us every time.

So we create our own alternatives.
We assure ourselves, our own affirmative.
Ours will be genuine.
Them up there can only be a sin and purgative.
We will be the representatives
Of the authentic genesis
A New Humanity.

Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America


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