A Noetic Rearrange

The end of another day.
Time passed without having prayed.
Oblivious is this world to it's own pain.
It travels along the short and wide lane.
Unaware of it's time, the future waits.

The reality of today wakes.
But the present never lasts.
Oblivion is found in the past.
False unities become universal.
The norm is never known as contraversal.

This is the far side that has become accepted.
Truth has been suspended.
Reality taken for mythology.
Mythology is now reality.
Another diagnostic category
Is now deemed normal in psychology.

Only in Orthodoxy is the queer not shamed
They just need to exist in abstinence.
Just a noetic rearrange.
For everybody. To Be; alikened to
The little child.

Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America


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