A Revolution of Love

Woke up this morning, I heard words.
People in the hood,
At one another screaming.
Many facing Left, Alts on the Right tell them what they should.
What is their meaning?

Employees have stopped working
for the Company.
Paycheck is their only purpose.
No more courtesy in store service.
Rudeness and impatience is the rule.
Failing social order.
I am feeling nervous.

No national community.
Only cults of race and ethnicity.
Blue Men killing Black Boys,
Blacks rise up in hopes.
Enslaving Whites in their thoughts so according to Marx.
There’s no humour, there’s no humility.
Battlefields are the American city.

We shout for justice on all sides.
While murder is a virtue in post-modern righteousness
to deal with one’s enemies and neighbours alike.
Public destruction. Its easier to fight,
Than to stand for reason and commonality.
A First world nation transforming
into a last world slum and rich.

While the bitch upstairs blasts her rap,
I can’t have a simple nap.
No one knows of the true Revolution called Love.
Screwing one another is not The Way.
Simple liking, I say,
Good will and valuing one another,
Coming to one’s help when you see it might be needed,
Care, kindness, courtesy, politeness,
Concern for common wellness,
Supporting all not just one,
Community over individuality.

There are all shades of Love, don’t ya know? Can you see?
We are all infected with the virus of hate and self-interest.

If everyone could Love,
Now that would be a true Revolution!


Copyright (c) 2020 HeardWords America


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