A Sympathetic Orchestration of Love

"He that hath ears to hear, let him hear".

In its liturgical life the Ecclesia conducts
The Symphony of the Holy Fathers and the Choir of Saints
They sing
A Song so Sublime
An Arrangement so Divine
A Sympathetic Orchestration
in Sacred Harmony with
The vibrations of Creation and
the Beloved, Holy Silence,
Reverberates every word ever uttered by
The Divine Logos and
Carried aloft by the Melody of the Spirit Most Holy.
In which the royal priesthood, a holy race, the people of God abides.
The journey into the knowledge of God is a journey into Love Itself.

But where Love is lacking:
There is a very different sound.
Sounds of discontent.
Sounds of heresy.
Noise of anguish and gnashing of selves.
The Noise of contradiction abound.
In that land it only be found
Evil's self-same reflections of darkness and nothingness.

But Vanishes as vapors in the midst
Of the Paschal Light,
On the stage of Salvation
Where the Immaterial Light
Is eternally present.

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