Adopted Life

They say not to look back,
But it was all a mistake.
It should never have happened,
it happened that way.
My whole life there were things I lack,
No place, none of my people.
No mother, no father. Might I have had siblings, a family?
No roots to give me ground.

What I became due to having been captive, by the childless. and what i found, an autocratic system of a narcissistic society.
What has become of me?

Nothing, nothing of worth
What if otherwise was my birth?
Out of my birthgiver, a mother of my own.
And a younger sister, a life no longer alone.
Learned to sing, I might have been a star.
There’s no telling in this other life how far.

I would have gone, where I wanted to go.
Never having chosen the safe and insoltated.
Taking risks we must take, personal power consolidated.
I could have been a leader, instead
Always in second place;
In home, in the world, and in my heart.
It’s just a start,
In this Adopted Life.

Copyright ©️ 2019 HeardWords America


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