Daily Tears

The Tired Priest", a painting by the 19th century Russian artist Konstantin Savitskiy,

Daily on the verge of tears am I.
For what? For whom?

For my many failures in this life. 
Things I have done,
the things I have failed to do.

For my sons Nathaniel and Stefan. 
No matter how Nathaniel has disowned me; he will always be my son.

Stefan, my son, so influenced by the world so young,
Through his Serbian-American relatives;
I have been so inept to keep him on The Royal Path.
Lo, there is so much more to confess.
So much more than less.

I should allow the tears to flow.
Washing this grime from my soul.
Purifying my heart.
Cleansing the body to the start.
I am sinner.
With these daily tears of purification
I just may be a winner.

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