Ecce Homo

In the ancient days
Before there were men
The Triune God says
“Let Us make man in our image,
After Our likeness”
And so They did as They can.
The Protype Man.

Such a creature of spirit and flesh.
He does the only action that is best.
Loves as God Loves as We all should Love.
He gave of Himself on behalf of all.
When men’s souls became stuck in the mud of evil.

Then the procurator declairs God’s majestic creation,
“Ecce Homo” Behold the Man!
Standing there in contact, engagement, the masses encounter The Man.
The Cosmic Examplar of humanity.

In His very Being in Love
He is caught in actually loving us all.
Love is nailed down so we all can see
What Love is.

Then the Man declares the creation initiated so long ago as completed.
“It is finished!”

‘though we are ourselves, deplete.
The Man has set The Way
For us all to travel without having to compete.


Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America.


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