I Fell Asleep, Oh Boy!

One day I fell asleep.
Oh Boy!
They buried my body down deep.

My soul encountered
Another spirit of akind
Unlike mine,
he was my guardian
For all those years.
Where has he been
Why am I, not a seer?

At each step we ascended.
Tolls I had to pass through.
A test? A challenge?
My every correct response were currency.
The truer my Truth the more valuable were my currency;
that permitted me to move upward further as I could go.

These toll-masters;
Sickeningly ugly and troll like spirits.
They all stared at me as if I would be guilty of some disaster.

As we made our ascent,
I heard the angelic call.
I was being cheered upward, onward.
While all sorts of black & winged figures
nipped at my “heels”.
In hopes I might fall.

Into what might I have fallen?
Below, a vision
Of nothingness.
The abscence of color & Light.
Still it was very dark & bright.
As I looked down, I feared.

And so I looked up; I teared.
Splendid & Blissful,
There shone: Light of Glory.

The Glory of Light
Where there be peace.
Below only chaos; that being a different story.

As I make my way through the
Tolls of Last Temptations.


Copyright ©️ 2020 HeardWords America


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