I Must Live

Every heart like me
Treated like a charity case.
Born from a conflictual place.
The unsatisfactory resolution.
We were abandoned,
I don’t know your face!
We were left motherless,
without a home, and all alone.

Don’t you dare think…
Coz we were never your salvation.
A child is incapable of being the solution
To your infertilities or your infidelities.

We were forced into your adaptations.
Remaining in a space of alienation.
We were forced into your adoptions.
We were useful to your selfish use.
We were useful to your selfish abuse.
For at least eighteen years our hearts bled

For at least eighteen years we were onfire
For our own truths
For our own histories
For our own identities
For Others with blood that are like ours.
You’ve only made our lives so sour.

What was my name.
Life can never be the same.
Thank you for what you gave me.
No thank you for all you did to me.

I am on my own way.
My memories aren’t yours.
My experiences so very different.
Best to let me go.

You’ve got nothing left to show.
You’ve got nothing more to give.
This is my life that I must live.


Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America.


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