Interior Vigilance

Clear out your inner pestilence.
Embrass your insignificance.

Only by dying to self.
Will we be given any magnificence.

We require purification.
Soul and body is marked,
With defication scars.

Interior Vigilance.
This is facing the Kingdom within, not far.
Fasting, alms and prayers
The boat, the oars and the sail. If you dare!
Unceasingly sailing; if you truly care.

Never looking back.
Or you might become a sack of salt.
With no significant progress; it's your own fault.

Interior Vigilance.
Without it we shall never reach Luminance.
For we shall be unworthy before Divine Providence.

We all must be invested in our due Diligence.
High is the spirit's valance.
As we climb the mountain to Paradise.

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