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Just Like Me

DMC sounds as though he’s happy.
If not, his song be just sappy.

I started this journey way before him.
Even before my birth i was out on a limb.

Mama was 16 when I rode along.
Her daddy refused her to keep me; that was just wrong!
No matter what she thought and said my mama was not strong.

On that fateful day in July.
The 11th day 1957.
You can hear me cry.
Like I knew what was to be my sentence.

They kept me away.
Never allowed to nourish from her paps.
I had nothing to say.
Even today I escape with a nap.

Then came that day
I was swept away.
By a man and a bitch.
With me they looked like a family
They were theives, no one really knew which.

There are photos of me.
Staring at her, this stranger.
Like, “Who on earth are you to me?”
I never felt a maternal vibe.
She was definitely of another tribe.

I always tried to hide
Never wanted to see
The realities that kept me ‘to be’.
So many years for a child to alone abide.

When I could speak for myself.
The instruments of abuse left its shelf.
Metal hangers, broomsricks and mops.
It were her words that hurt alot.

In words and in kind.
I struct back in my own defence.
Whenever she was angry she was blind.
On my side justice never seemed to be dispensed.

Oh not to mention.
Those social henchmen.
The cruelty and sadisticness of society.
A world that claims you its property.
She was a fright
But the bigger world was worse than night.

6 decades have past.
None of my dreams.
No one I loved has last.
Only now they tell me
I suffer from FM, DDD, ADD
I wondered why I never could succeed.
The verbal devil’s brew she gave as feedings.
Much more lethal than her beatings

When we are in God’s zone
There will be a meeting.
Still I know I am not alone.
Because there are many others
With similar “mothers”
Just like me.
Got that DMC?

Copyright ©️ 2020 HeardWords America

DMC – aka Darryl McDaniels, an American raper reportedly an adoptee i.e., having been adopted as a child. With singer Sarah Mclachlan, they co-wrote and recorded a song Just Like Me praising the state of adoption as a positive environment for a child.

FM – Fibromyalgia.

ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder.

DDD – Degenerative Disc Disease


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