Love Is

l don’t see love anywhere I go
I have touched my share, you know.
What I felt was fleeting, not very real
Or perhaps I just didn’t care.

Love is something you can’t steal?
Or was it lust that laid bare?
Love is nothing without Love so real
Love is something that can heal.

Tried to open my eyes to see.
But love is nowhere I have bēēn.
Love is nowhere that I’ve seen.
No I don’t have to touch her to know
Love is more than emotion to grow

Listen, True Love is what you can give.
Love is not just words and feelings,
Its far more what your heart lives it's dealings.

Then love will be close to you
Yes love is everything you do.
Tried to open my eyes to see
Love is something that will heal.
Love is nothing without it being real.

And everyone you know, oh
Then will see, that love will grow
It’s written in white on blue skies
And every Word you say with no lies
Must bring you closer, and her closer to you Ooo!

Love is everything you see her do
Love is nothing without me
Love is everything I do, for you.


“Love Is” a derivative work based on “Love is Love” by Culture Club.

Copyright ©️ 2020.
   HeardWords America


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