No Other Lover

A lifetime has past
There were affairs
None of them last
There were friends
There were lovers
But always the love would end
You have stood waiting at my door
Waiting for the moment I would open my heart to You.
Preoccupied with my emptiness forlorn
I heard you knocking, did not know who You was there.
I now long for Your Sweet Kiss
Learning that Love is in giving
Never in the taking,
You showed me Your Love Divine
You were crucified for Your Love
“All of Me”, You said, could be mine.
My heart fluttered like the wings of the dove.
In You I need no other lover
The world will pass
Creation will never suffer
A new world You shall cast
All of Your lovers shall kirtan
Jai Jai Śri Khristah saguṇabrahma suputrah
Jai Jai Śri Śri Daivika bāyabalagranthaḥ
All Glory is Yours Lord Yeshu Word Divine and Logos Supreme
There’s no Other Lover than You.

Copyright (c) 2020 HeardWords America


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