No Plenty of Fish

They all come to see
It seems that they don’t, read
What do they all want, me to be?
Looking and coming (or that in reverse?)
Leaving no thanks, no likes.

They all come to see
Why did I have a profile complete?
What do they all want, of me?
What are they looking for?

Nothing more than laughing in the outdoors
They want him to be financially secure.
Do they really want to be pampered or
Really don’t want to pamper?

I am not here to give what I have not
I have not most of the things most desire.
I can only give of my Self. That’s my love, my life.
To the fullest of my mortal strength.
The human spiritual companionship that most genuine hearts
Themselves are looking for.

Where are the women? Where is the one with a heart
At the center of her soul (not in the flesh.)?
What is best,

She doesn’t want more than her heart needs
She doesn’t need more than her heart wants.
Am I any different or

Too many are looking for the world of her dreams?
Such a grand illusion starving the heart of the soul.
Why do they come to look but not read?
Or they only looking for the man who can seed
Their dream-like worlds?
There are not plenty of fish in a pool of Mercury.


Copyright (c) 2020 HeardWord America


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