O Metropolitan! I Will No Longer Hide

O Metropolitan!

You once treated me as a rising star

I felt your right hand on my head

Sending me up the ranks, i feared

So quickly, I wasn’t ready

When I became a fallen star

You quickly turned to another instead

No time for forgiveness or thanks, my tears

You never discerned I wasn’t steady, my fears

I was a wounded child and a wonder soul

You saw one without the other.

I can no longer trust hinding behind black robes

If I’m going to be good let me be

In my own skin, In this world

Where I must be honestly me

Out in the open, face to face, heart to heart

Where love can be shared

And the secrets of hiddenness are not feared, from the start

Not hidden away, a monk

I never wanted to be

you didn’t see

My heart my soul

So sunk, I couldn’t breathe

But every new thing enlivened until it got old

God made me

Never to be alone

That’s just what you made of me

Its what you sold

To me, I wanted to share my heart

With God and man

But it’s what you couldn’t see

In me, for God and All

Me standing tall

Naked before all

No I am no saint

Never will be in this hermitage of illusion

And pretense.

I know Your Beatitudes

Will never understand

I know I must land on my feet

In order that my heart may bend the knee

To Thee, O Lord!

Greater mercy can only be His

And not from you. So say goodbye

Remember me in your prayers

I will remember you. O Metropolitan!

I will no longer hide.

©️ Copyright 2019 HeardWords America

Metropolitan — is a highly ranking bishop in the Orthodox Church.


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