O My Sweet Sixteen!

(for Mandi)

You’re sixteen ever so sweet.            You are everything I ever wanted to meet.

Society is offended by this kind of love.
Being real while
Theirs is licentiously
And their laws are hypocrisy.
They must never have listened to their mothers.
And no one wants to see.
What’s in their own mouths.
Even prosecutors, magistrates and judges.
All sucking clits and dicks.
O what a fix! O how illegit!
They are persecuting real lovers
That’s you and I
While they’re leaving their husband or wives
For another man and other lives

How dare they judge!
What we have is real.
Rooted in our hearts.
Where true love starts.
16/61 mirror images are we

You and I will have to wait
In two years, then we will still find hate
From all those others there’s no appeal
At least no one can then touch us
We will commit to one another and seal
The love we share
Let all the hypocrites to their lusts
They’ll all self-destruct!
I don’t care. That’s their stuff.
A God-fearing home you and I shall construct.
We will live forever with a little luck.

Copyright ©️ 2020 HeardWords America


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