Oh Young Woman

            Dedicated to Tori Janet

You came stealing my heart
While i was feeling not seeing
You attempted to take my money
How could you?
Oh Young Woman

Mark an older man.
They have the cash and broken ego But that wasn’t I.
In me was a starving heart.
Taking advantage, you cried no food, no heat and lights had you.
Oh by the way, thank you for in
your photo the lights are on.
And i know you are no fool to give up your last two hundred and fifty.

Oh Young Woman
You have taken from me
Far more than you even realize.
Now my heart filled with dreams
Instead of the real love you promised

You have none of my money
You have all of my heart
Oh Young Woman
How could you do it?
How could you do it?
My heart is all i had.
Oh Young Woman its so so sad.


Copyright (c) 2019 HeardWords America


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