Pathos Thinking

I thought it
So I bought it
Then i fell out
and there you were
Gloating and laughing
Enjoying my misfortune

I thought it
And I bought it
Never seems to be enough
Whatever it is i want it more
With every pain and tears
You are there with your snears

I thought it
Then I bought it
Soft was her flesh
Made my life a mess
I desired her more and more
But she wasn’t mine
In my despair I saw you there
Egging me on, coaxing more upon me.

You make the claim,
its all for my benefit
You’re full of shit!
I’ve got myself to blame
Getting trapped in your game.
Only you, with your every sardonic cachinnation,
you howl Congratulations!

Drowning in my own desires,
The pleasures are my sufferings.
Its all because your ideas, your little whispers.
Convinced me to make it all real.
You are always there
—Lucifer, Lilith, or Maya —
You’re all the same!
From my soul a bit at a time you steal.
So the soul burns with the passions of this world.

Got to keep my heart in check.
Letting these pathetic thoughts.
Floating on by
Leaves on the stream.
Stop being conscious of them.
At once these I see.
And Chant the Holy Name
of the Lord to be free!


Copyright ©️ 2020 HeardWords America


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