Perfect Storm

Men who lost their crowns
Theirs is an epidemic.
They live with
Women who wear their frowns.

There’s now a covid pandemic.
The clouds are overcast
He is home more.
Closed are all the stores.

Grown men. Little boys within.
Falling upon their lovers.
Their homegrown whores.
In conflict with their mothers.
Hurting these little girls its

Children uncharacteristically silent.
The atmosphere heavy and violent.
The neighbors know the indictment.
Witnesses say nothing . . .
Of a man’s excitement.

To a woman’s innocent incitement,
to love.
The inner boy looses control,
As we can see
the man in his role

He has no place to go.
The employer sent him home.
There’s no school to attend
And the children cannot visit

The pandemic intermingles with the
A perfect storm has developed.
The vacuum is tight.
The pressure afright.
Atmosphere building up
without release.

Who will suffer, who’ll finds peace?
In an emotional hurricane everyone’s
the same.
All are hurt, all are damaged.
Those who suffer just might
brave the challenge.

But in this perfect storm,
there is no one left but the
innocent and careworn.


Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America.


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