Resurrected Body

 am energy.
an entity of potential.
Cannot be sure of my own density.
Do I bear heat, existentially?
For I hope I am neither hell-cold nor lukewarm.
I can no longer be converted.
Time for repentance has past the pathos storm.

I am intelligence.
Tis the same as being conscious.
So it seems, by definition or display.
The essence of being energy.
One might say.
The capacity of flexible adjustment.

I just say “I Am”.
As long as Love is my accelerant.
I shall make my assent if, like a lamb.
I Love. . .therefore, I Am!

And yet I am human still.
I am at a loss without my senses.
It is a fright and a thrill,
Being pure intelligent energy.
A human I am still.
Not as one from Fallen Nature.
To be solely a “soul” is just nomenclature.

But as a Citizen of Paradise, at least!
A pure spirit and a gentle beast.
That is a Human on this side of death.
So I await to once again draw a breath,
From the Awesome Fearce yet Gentle Spirit Divine.
Yes, that’s it! To be among the General Resurrection where a perfected body is mine.


Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America.


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