Something for Something

Quid Pro Quo.
You hide it well so that no one knows

Now your evil distain for me shows
From you its everything your eldest
The two of you are more the same.

Was all of yesterday your little game?
You kept me around, all the others  
    you sent away.
I see clearly your distain.

Because we shared an offspring?
You always know what to say, I fear.
You know how and what to bring.
Is that what I wanted to hear?

Quid Pro Quo, O Dear!
You hide it so well, no one knows.
Men are kept as long as they are
You give to them when it suits you.
It’s only show.
Everything you do for others, its to you, beneficial.

We would have gotten on, had I only
    followed your colors.
You never counted on my
I know I’m not your lover.

Quid Pro Quo, yesterday.
You hid it well, no one could tell
I can see your true way now.
We had nothing, now we have less.
Why are relationships with Balkan women such a mess?


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