The Good Life is Not Here

You may look so sweet and clean.
Appearances are not all what they seem.
It's not what you have said,
As much as what you've done.
The power that you have is never in your head.
It comes from the seat of the soul instead.
That power is love from the depths of the heart.
It's not that you're imperfect from the start.
You keep missing the target all together.

If your aim doesn't match the Lord's forever,
Your end will send you to the furthest distance.
An ontological change of heart and mind.
There must be, to claim any degree of salvific existence.
The good life is not here.
It never was.
This is the trial, the purifying fire, then the Final Examination.
That is this life and its transition.

Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America


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