These TimeWalls Are Falling

Photo credit: Through Time Metal Wall Sculpture Set here

These TimeWalls Are Falling
Holding back my tears
For all those wasted years
What have I become?
What have I done?

These timewalls are falling
One decade melting into another
Twilight is calling
To a new yet unknown future.

Only wanted to love
To be loved true
More like a wounded dove
I was, searching the world for you.

Only the needy and the liars
Have I met, or they found me
their passions burning inside, no higher
I was their self-appointed messiah blue.
Who helped me, what have I done
For myself, Not much have I won.

I always find myself alone.
Your voice as a whisper shone.
My heart now aches
The pain of being so lame.
Or, the passions of my fate?
A heart over the years become tame.

What good has it all done?
Where have I gone?
No one in the beginning
No one in the ending
Of my story.

Holding back my fears
For all those wasted tears
What has this life become?
Why has this life unraveled, undone?

These timewalls have fallen
I can no longer hear the voices calling
Me, to a place I can name paradise
Only clear to me are the memories of my vices.


Copyright (c) 2020 HeardWords America


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