The stream of days
flows ever so fast
goes its own way
seems this life will never last
I have failed, in my own eyes
tethered to the force
of the past I can still hear my cries.

closing the door to each decade
it separates me from the failed pasts
a chameleon acting out a charade
she has me cast.

protects me as I move
forward into each new life
wearing a different groove
Reality threatens at the point of a knife.

The partitions of Chronos
holds back yesterdays
from seeping into my todays
never should the many identities meet
never should my failures awaken from its sleep.

But Love has given me a child
And age has made me a bit more mild
And the TimeWalls crumble
In these days reflecting on the moments
When I’ve fallen in the past
The partitions are falling
I am seeing that nothing lasts.

With fewer choices forward
The elders look backward
Causes me to stumbling.

Have all disappeared
The mindscapes are barren now
A clearview to the memories for
Good or bad, stands like the crow
And vultures wait when they can pick
me up from off the floor
With TimeWalls no more
All of my Existence falls
Away, there are no
to call my own.

© 2016 HeardWords America


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