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Ugly Business

Had enough ladies.
I need the Lord to save me.
Living in this world is ugly business.
Do one thing they don’t like, there’s no forgiveness.

Living in this world is boring.
In this 21st century people are most annoying.
All of my friends.
Have all found their end.
Faces from the anonymous crowd.
They are deafeningly loud.

They expect you to pay the price.
Living in this world is tossing dice.
To get by, you must pretend.
The answer is at the end.
Living in this world is overrated.
Too many good souls being hated.
Who said life is easy?
The older I get, it’s all far more creepy.

The store clerks are obnoxious.
I’m feeling increasingly nauseous.
Call 911, when they arrive you got to be cautious.

All the girls trying to be classy.
What they really are is trashy.
No one knows how to feel anymore.
No one knows how to see anymore.
No one knows how to be real anymore.
No one knows how to Be anymore.
The only words they say is shit.
This isn’t like mine,
It’s an ugly world this time.
And that’s pretty much it.


Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America.


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