We Are All Thrown

We are all thrown into birth.
We grow up in a spiritual dirth.
Fools and delusions everywhere,
Having one’s desire, no one really cares.

Living in a world of our own making
All the heavenly bodies are shaking.
Giving no regard to our spiritual reality
The darkness of evil and nothingness we fail to see.

Failing to hear Adam’s Lamentations
We give no recompense for our situation
And with eyes veiled some see but
Buddha is yellow, KrÅ›na’s blue. Oh golly,
You need courage without the melancholy

There’s one Way out but the path is narrow
The other roads are wide and harrow.
Only one Way to the Freedom we thought we had.
So many still refuse to see, it’s ever so sad.

The soul is imprisoned in this flesh
Our souls made weakened at best
by the Ancestral Curse.
The flesh is master it wants whatever it wants all for the worst
pushing the soul further, farther and deeper away.
But what we do in this life
We will be rewarded in kind, for glory or strife
For all eternity the unreborn will be forelorn.
The ones who were born a second time
They will forever have the Freedom we all hoped to find.


Copyright (C) 2020 HeardWords America


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