what is this life?

what is this life?
when we all are spiritually dead
in this body’s birth.

what is this life?
where the soul is blinded by the dark
and the body seeks its gratification.

what is this life?
our ancestors were told
   many lies. they paid
   for a bill of goods that were bad.
what is this life
under the Ancestral Curse?

what is this life
without the soul’s rebirth
its a dead end road
when the body dies
without the soul
   never able to cry?
what happens then?
no body; no soul?

we can beat this death
we can enlighten the darkness
we can truly live
    here and hereafter.
a life transfigured and transcended
through sanctified waters
we will then know
what is this life.

Copyright  (c) 2020 HeardWords America


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