Where Has the Morning Gone?

Just now waking, once
Its 3 in the afternoon.
I just got to do something,
Anything! It’s never too soon
before the afternoon wanes.

I feel okay. Must stand up off the bed.
Oh! There it is, The Pain!
Running. Throbbing. Burning
from lumbar to the head.
Down the left arm and leg.

Wonder what life would be instead
Free from
This is just insane.
Everything gives me pain.

Well I could wash the dishes
That are marinating in the sink.
Could clean the cat litter.
Take out the garbage before it stinks.
So many wishes.

(Overwhelmed and in pain) I got to sit down!
(Sometime later) Time has now past for
cleaning and tossing.
I would have gone to bed, earlier but
I fell asleep instead.

1 a.m. 3 a.m. 5 a.m. Did I flush? I should.
Oh well, I’ll be be back.
As I return to my slumber.

To them who might hear,
I must sound like a saw cutting lumber.
I hear nothing. Most times I see nothing.
Typically as I sleep, I feel no pain.

Got to move. Crawl out of this sack.
But I don’t have a groove.
Its 3 in the afternoon.
Pain in my back (feel like a beast) and,
To say the least.
Where has the morning gone?


FMS – FIbromyalgia.

DDD – Degenerative Disc Disease.

ADD – Adult Attention Deficit.


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