Bad Faith

He says he's sorry.
But he doesn't believe it.
She says she still loves him.
She knows that ain't the truth.

Both are locked together
In their mutual bad faith.
No truth is in their shared space.
He hates her for his being with her.
She hates him for never showing his love.
Neither can face the truth for themselves.
Neither can face the truth in themselves.

This is living in bad faith.
Being for oneself only.
Never Being there for others.
What a great waste.
But the greatest sin,
Are the lies they tell themselves.
About themselves they are in delusion.
Weaving their lies all around someone else.

Neither are their true selves.
Neither really knows what they want.
So they blame one another.
So they hurt each other.
With their respective inauthenticity.
They languish in the web they've weaved.
And with every word they deceive themselves more.
More than hurting the other.
They are living in bad faith.

Bad faith.
Like the blood seeping for her eyes.
They never know
When they, to themselves, they lie.
They always deny to themselves.
The truth when it faces them.
Truth, they simply push it away.
Preferring the self deception
Of living in bad faith.

Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America.


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