You know that we live in contradiction!
(Such Contradiction.)
White girls acting black.
Black middle class being white.
Often Des days
Darkness mistaken for the Light.
And he don't know where to put his...
And ya don't know if she's a he
Or he's a she.
"Holy" men are real predators.
The devil gives them their fitness.
True believers are amateurs.
No one sees their authentic witness.

We've got to refuse these contradictions
(These Contradictions)
Mend what's been torn apart.
With ourselves there's a place to start.
Say what you mean.
Be as your heart believes.
Make justice imaginable.
Where it's lost it's meaning.
As Camus has said.
Give happiness meaning.
To those poisoned by the misery
of the century.
(Dire Contradictions)

A healthy mind is one
That lives in congruence.
If everyone existed this way.
The earth will have won.
We would have created a new day.
A world of congruence and truth.
Everyone would know
How justice has it's meaning,
We'll all be beaming if
Rooted in Love. And,
Far fewer Contradictions.

Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America.

(Reference to Albert Camus' Book: Lyrical and Critical Essays)


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