Deepest Well


Pressed, stashed
Saved for another
Time, now and then
Feeling the feelings that
I don't want to be feeling
But was told I'd be feeling
Those feelings as long as
I live with these feelings
Buried, hidden
Stashed away
In the deepest well
So far in the shadows
Not even I can say.


Unfinished business,
Hidden trauma,
Primal wounds,
Abused child memories
Visceral memories of
Abuse and missuse
No help from above
It's an A.C.E. in any case.
Some might say


As soon as I
And I could say, "No"
shadows and darkness ago
Every word
And every gesture
Then made into an action
Possesses a consequence,
Some night stay


The mother of abuse
Gave to it a response
Taken down from her shelf
Broom sticks,
Or a mop,
Wire hangers,
Pans or a pot
It's such a waste in any case.
Some night stay
In a deepest well


Of rage,
A narcissist
In her mist
A lost child, who
Lost a child.
Grew up, or did she,
Raised herself
A stolen child
A lost child
Adopted and lost
She did that child
Nothing right day
Thrown into the
Deepest Well.

Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America


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