Don't Push The River

In a world of rules and expectations.
In a world that strips you of your power.
When as a child, beaten down at every hour.
They tell you to succeed, while they plot your fall and make your life bleed.

Now all grown up.
So freaking frightened, 
You're a mannequin inside.
Frozen by the fear.
Now that they've got you.
They feel so near.
You've become invisible to them.
But there's no need to hide.

Suddenly without warning.
Your heart starts racing.
You feel suspended; taken out of the world.
But you can't move; it's frightening I know.

You are in the flow of existence.
Don't push the River.
It flows where it will.
Don't push the River.
Let it take you to places
Where you have never been.
The conflict and contradictions
    were well planted within you.
Your resistance enflames your suffering.
So don't push the River
Go where it takes you.

You're working through it now.
The walls are falling down.
The scales that blinded your heart 
Are falling away.
You are breathing deeply now.
Free from those ties that used to bind.

Don't push the River
It flows where it wills.
Don't push the River
Go where it flows.

Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America


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