In All Those Years

In All Those Years
I was only saying, Sorry.
When you tossed my flowers to you
into the bin
I am indeed so very sorry
For your washed brain.
By the legal authorities;
That was a sin.
They told you what to say,
Convincing you of things that never happened that day,
Between you and I.
And for all those lies
And shades of truth
I did my time
In an invisible prison booth.
I did no crime.
Never hurt your person.
I loved you as mine.
Could never see you for eight long years.
In that time grown large were my fears
Your life would never be your own.
You will surrender it to a man
For the security and illusions of life.
I should have had my way
With you then used a knife.
Copyright ©️ 2020 HeardWords America


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