Remember Love

I don't remember love.
The girl I first loved was left behind.
The woman I married was an escape.
The woman I divorced was a stranger.
When I left I left my son behind.
Now he says he was never mine.

Oh where is love?
It's not so simple 
As "love is you and me"
It's not a dream.
Or as easy as it seems.
I can't find love on earth.
Ever since love gave me birth.
So I look up
So so far up
So far up
That I'm looking within
Within the depths of me.
Seeking Love Itself.
The great Divine Lover.
Who wanted to share.
It's Love with us.
Himself with us.
So much so.
He showed us how far Love goes.
Taking on our nature.
Dying to give us a second chance.
For those of us who don't
Remember Love.
Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America

Image: presumably by Yoko Ono as photographed by Lisa Adams ©️ 2019


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