The Quintessential Beauty

(Dedicated to Barbra Streisand)

So many stars in the sky
So many faces in the night
Home is dark and cold
Home is where I've learned about pain.
It was plain, to me 
When I heard your voice.
Then when I gazed upon your face, of course!
You were the one
To save me at those moments I most needed you.

Your voice spoke to my heart.
No coincidence, it wasn't a lark.
Your song kept my heart from
Becoming hardened, kept it from dying,
Within me I loved you for all of these years.
No one could replace you my dear.
Every other must be patterned after you.
Your beauty, that perfect nose, those lips, your eyes.
I came close a couple times.
But no one is you, Barbra.
My quintessential Beauty.

And if I could,
Love you face to face, I would.
With no goodbyes.
Love is forever.
In true love there are no lies.
You are the quintessential Beauty.
From your heart moving outward
So we all can see.
You are the quintessential Lover.
No one better, did I ever know.
You saved my heart from ruin.
My quintessential savior.
I could only love, Barbra.
My quintessential Beauty.

Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America

Photo: NIH Image Gallery from Bethesda, Maryland, USA


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