(Do You know) It's Christmas Time?

The world is at the end
Of just another year.
What did you send
To each who are dear?

Do you know it's Christmas Time?
Do you know it's commercialisation is a crime?
Do you fund the pot coz it makes you feel good when you've got a lot?
Aren't you ashamed
When the ones who should gain
Themselves are giving from their own meager domain?

Do you know it's Christmas time?
What does that mean?
It's not just lights and sparkling decor of any kind.
Nor the town square manger scene.

War and famine
Old and young
 never finding your labours done.

God has come to you and them
That everyone may be enlightened before the world comes to an end.

It's the greatest gift  having been 
Given from the first day unto the last.
So you should ask,
What must we do to welcome God Himself
Through the flesh of a tiny child?

Let go of yourself
You are holding on so tight
Let go of your willfulness
Just Be there
Let the Light of this New Dawn
Be, still in the Divine Movement.
Then you will Know
It's Christmas Divine.
Copyright ©️ 2021 SDKilmerllc / HeardWords America.


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