Downtown: a parody

Alone and  lonely
Confused and bewildered
Don't you go
Got worries but all the noise in the world
Won't chase the one's in your head.

You talk about the beautiful noise of the city's traffic.
You linger on the sidewalk where the 
Street dwellers pee.
Where cannabis lingers heavy in the air.
Perhaps you'll forget your cares.
Where the light's of gunfire is so much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, 
then you'll really care 
you might be killed.
Oh what a thrill!

It's no longer what it was.
All the hussle and bussle and buzz
You'll be dead when you're

No finer place to die than
Every evil thing's waiting for you there.

Don't hang around and let the bad people surround.
There are movie shows 
where you can go elsewhere. I know.

Maybe you know some other places to go to
Where your friends are close.
Listen to the rhythm of a billie's bossa nova
You'll be swaying before the night is ova.
But if you go Downtown you will surely lose.
You'll never be happy again.
It's so much filled with sin.

So go downtown!
Where all the lights of police cars are bright
Harm is waiting for you tonight
Where you're not gonna be alright now Downtown

And you may find somebody kind to help you.
Someone who is just like you and needs help to get outta 
Who will guide you along?
Got to be strong.
 I certainly won't see you there.
You can get into a whole lot of troubles if you really dare
By going downtown.
Things won't be great when you're bait.
 A minute more, don't wait!
Everything's waiting for you.
 (downtown, downtown)
Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America



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