Fall of Lennon

"I read the news today, oh boy!"
An English peace fighter,
Had just lost his war.
He'd been shot down. So,
"Living is easy with eyes closed."
His killer had to know,
The war is over, if he wanted it.

42 bullets never ricocheted.
42 holes it took
    to kill a Beatle.
A crowd of people turned to stare
All who loved him came to pray.
They gathered by the garden gate
    Of Strawberry Fields.
"Where nothing's seems real."
Not even the fall of Lennon.
John would say, "It's nothing to get hung up about!"

He fought for peace.
Tried his best to love.
But now the walrus rests.
His war with war is over.
We still can hear his voice.
Imagine! that.
Copyright © 1980 - 2021 HeardWords America


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