I Should Have Known

When I found you
You were sweeter than honey
Far more fragrant than flowers.
Never did I realize
By looking at you, oh what power!
I Should Have Known.

You took little time
To get to know me before you climbed
Inside me.
You handed me your baggage
And sent me on a guilt trip.
You set my head spinning
We both should have been winning.
You Should Have Known.

I never realized being in relation with you
Would set me on a wild journey.
A journey to the center of a nightmare
Oh what a journey
On the wheel in the sky.
Whenever I say I'm hungry
You are always handing me a pie.
I Should Have Known.

You push away, as if to say,
You had enough of me.
Then as the tide in the sea
so here you are, with me.
As if to say, you haven't enough of me.
Then gone again,
Then I receive once more 
    the love you send.
I Should Have Known.

And who really cares?
There's enchantment and bewilderment in the air!.
Only wanted to be loved
And to love you 
each and every day
Hey (hey hey, hey)
You Should Have Known.

Stay, don't go.
You need to see what I have to show.
How real love appears
Without your psycho delicious beers.
Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America


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