Make No Mistake

  (for Sanja)

Make no mistake.
You look at me
But you don't see me.
I am a Lupus1
In fierce determination
Not to permit the pain
    to make me lame,
Or my life like a wounded dear.
No, I will become a dufus
    before I surrender to this lupus.
In the quite of my nights
You might hear my roar.
But you don't really hear me.
There are times the pain and flares
      are too much for me to bare.
I just got to roar!
Before, I take it out on you, my prey.
Yes I pray every moment to triumph
    or at least to endure this lupus life
like a lion of royalty.
  1. Lupus (Latin) lion. Also the name of a autoimmune disorder.

Copyright ©️ SDKilmer / HeardWords America


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