Placing the Pieces Together

Daily are the tears.
The little girl cries,

 (Once she sees her recollections.
    There's no one like her but she doesn't
    know who that is.)

So she hides 
From herself.

Daily are the fears.
The little girl dies,

  (Once she sees her reflections.
    There's no other reflection of its kind.)

So she hides
From herself.

Daily are the tears.
The little girl lies,

  (Once she catches a glimpse.
     Glimpses are only partial truths
      Of what the tears has washed away.)

Never knowing Self
Never does she see Self.
Cleansed by her tears.
Strengthened by her fears.
Yet illusioned by the lies
She remains hidden from her cries,
To Be!

Though she did see
Who she already is.
Needing to precisely place
All the puzzle pieces
In their respective space.
Copyright ©️ 2021 SDKilmerllc / HeardWords America.


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