The Farmer's Wisdom

Damaging weeds that grows in fields of grain, such are,
Tares. They
Threaten the healthy grain just the same.

The Wise Farmer has left them in the field.
Grain and Tares together in the field.
Faithful and Sinful together in the Ekklesia.

This inaction fails to show the Farmer's wisdom?
For certain the sinful tares shall choke to death the faithful grain!

Or might -- in time -- the sinful be converted?
Their life renewed in the same Spirit as
Does the faithful thrive upon!
Reap the tares, we are endangering, by
killing completely, those who might
Be saved and convert to be,
faithful grain.
To grow into the Maturity of the Spirit
That furtilises them.
Thus the paradox of sinners and saints dwelling together
in the Spiritual Hospital.
in the Temple of God.
Copyright ©️ 2022 SDKilmer LLC


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