Fibro Fog

I got up this morning.
Or was it the afternoon?
Energy was high, I felt like soaring.

After a couple hours, yes it was that soon.
My energy was spent, So tired, I began to swoon.

I got wolves at my back door.
I got you standing in front of me.
Telling me how I should be.
And all the while fog fills the room.
I knew you wouldn't understand.
I knew I was doomed.

Whenever the fibro fog rolls in.
Every agenda, like every list and every thought, is gone in the mist.
I've fought
To recall what I'd lost.
The more I tried the more I realized the cost.

Baby I've got fibro fog.
The world is looking so hazy.
And you think I'm just lazy.
I feel like sleeping like a log.
Has the world all gone crazy?

If its not dwelling in my own cloud.
Then it's pain and swelling.
Please give me a heated shroud.
Make it all go away.
That just something we say,
Because we know it's with us everyday.

© 2022 S.D. Kilmer, llc, all rights reserved.


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