Nöetic Diet Plan

Sitting on a mound.
Contemplating the truth we just found.
Sitting on a chair,
Thinking how life is so unfair.
Laying in your bed,
Chasing the madness from your head. . .
Tears pour down your face,
Desiring to find some other place.

We've got to get out of our heads sometime.l
Let your heart speak to your mind
Clean off the nöus
Rational thinking's been too loose.

We've all been born
In a universal life that's been torn.
A world opened to darkness, melancholy,  nothingness. So forlorn!
A life infected by corruption, decay and aimlessness.
Where reason has usurped the nöetic.
Where the body is far too energetic.
We seek after pleasures of matter
Like a crazy mad hatter.

The answer is clear
In the very thing the mind fears.
The nöetic mind where
Every spiritual thing there one may find.
The rational has its place.
In support of the heart of the nöetic race.
That's the place to start.
We are microcosm of both worlds,
Of spirit, of matter.
If we were to engage more in the spiritual life
We'd less likely be getting fatter.
© 2022 HeardWords America / SDKilmer llc



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