Boys Falling From the Sky

     Photo © 2022 New York Times.

Boys falling from the sky.
Dictated by leaders who lie.

Cousins and brothers fighting one another.
Lovers left behind for some others.

Fallen Giant raises his head.
Sees the fallen Fatherland, instead.

Failing to see his people's immediate needs
He'd rather make those in the boarderland bleed.

With lost humility,
(would have been their saving grace)
Rus is unable to see.
(Planning its own grave on a foreign place)

Beyond it's past ambitions.
Sees more than cooperative coalitions.

Sees only it's former glory.
While blind to his own past gory

Will witness the Gaint Bear's faciticity
Of human fallenness.
Boys should not be falling out of sky.
© 2022 S. D. Kilmer, llc All Rights Reserved.


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