C'mon Along with Me

C'mon along with me
Oh little lost boy
Sit here, next to me.
I'll listen to your story.

C'mon along with me
Little lost boy
Sit next to me
I'll take you where you're going.
I'll take you home.
I happen to be going that way.
Hold tight, there's nothing to fright.
I'll be with you all along this, your, journey.
Why? Because this is my journey too.

Oh little lost boy.
I am you, all grown up.
See, you didn't do so bad.
But yes, you'll end, I mean I'll end this story of ours all alone.

Oh little lost boy.
Wish I could say
Something that'll make a difference
In our life. Damn,
I can't think of anything.
Suppose you need to seek wisdom from
Outside yourself.
Take it in, discern it then.
Use it if you know how and when.

Oh little lost boy.
Let me give you/give me a hung.
We both know I, we need it.

The angels heralding as they approach.
Well kid, here's our ride
to the conclusion of our journey.
Oh little lost child,
Won't you give a good word for me?
He listens to children
and the child-like before anyone else.
God will listen to you
Oh my little lost boy.

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