Divine Battles

The divine battle of the Slavic gods.
Volos of the Underworld.
Perun the Supreme god of the Living World.

Storms and lightning 
And ensuing rain 
Was the triumph of over Volos.
This the re-establishment of world order. 0

Volos climbed up into the sphere of Perun.
Disrupting the equilibrium of the world.
A fierce battle ensured.
Volos hailed down fire of his trickeries, with snakes, bears, wolves, (oh my!)
upon the innocents of Perun.
With thunder and logs of oak, Perun --the imagined chimeric dragon-- drove Volos back into his watery underworld place.

Order was restored by Perun.
Little to no assistance from the other gods who watched.
Perun, as an eagle, perched atop of the tallest branch of the sacred tree, 
from there he keeps watch over all.
Volos ~ Russia
Perun ~ Ukraine

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All Rights Reserved.


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