The Final Judgement

What is this,
"Final Judgement"?

Who is the judge?
And who will be judged?

When will such a
Judicious Event, as grand
    as this one, would surely be?

The Goldenmouth once said,
'God 's love for us exceeds the love
    of a father, a mother, or anyone who loves.
God loves even more than we love ourselves!'

How does such a lovable God
Deem to judge?
Or how does the wrathful God
In the Hebrew Scriptures
Deem to judge justly?

One may be too lenient.
One may well be too despotic.
Adam gained the ability of
With only one bite of the apple.
But when Adam was escorted outside
    The walls of Eden
Adam wept. Adam was remorseful.
3qAdam was aware of what he had done.
But the children of Adam,
Bound by their Ancestral Curse.
Their Self-consciousness is far weaker,
More like looking through a glass darkly.
So who is the judge?
And who will be judged?

The acuity of Man's self-consciousness will
    be made accurate and clear.
All true knowledge of Self will be known to Man.

In the face of such knowledge:
"There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth".
Man will judge himself.

God's judgement shall be
    in telling us in which direction to go.
To the left?
Or to the right.
THAT will be the Final Judgement!

© 2022 S. D. Kilmer llc
All Rights Reserved.


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