An Old Man Like Me

Yes I know!
Way, way ahead
Of our time.

Though for some
We might be
Ahead of our time.

Among others,
Screaming, exiting doors
Uncles, Aunts, Papas and Mothers
With arms waving up in the air; what's more,
Never does it occur to them to care.
To care what I might feel to start.
Much more what you do feel in your heart.

All of this fuse and fury
Because an old man as I
They all show how they worry.
In fact, it is I
Who loves you,
My tender dear,
You so many centuries
Younger than I.

Do they not understand?
How much you could learn,
Greater opportunities too.
When I have faded away
In deepest sleep I lay.
You will be independent
    And self-sufficient.
Like you never would
Were you to stay with him,
    the unvirtuous one.

The world is not at it's end.
Just your family's wits.
They only need comprehend
The benefit to you, in small bits.
Then they will see
How you could love an old man
Like me .

© 2022 S. D. Kilmer, llc
All Rights Reserved
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